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IsimbidoTv Will Be Launched Officially Today

The Official TV station for all the eastern people of Nigeria who speak and understand the Igbo language will officially be live on air today on startimes.

For those who need to know what we are all about, We want to use this medium to tell you that; Isimbido is there to show the true Igbo African culture.

The Igbo are perhaps the most enterprising, the most adventurous, the most most daring and the most commerce driven tribe in Nigeria. Found predominantly in the Eastern part of Nigeria, they control a large chunk of trade in all types of consumer goods and control most imports into Nigeria and by extension are key drivers of almost all major markets in Nigeria. Most local and international trade routes into and within Nigeria are firmly in their control.

They are also very culturally inclined people and are proud of their cultures and traditions. Big time cultural events like the popular new yam festival, feature prominently on their annual calendar. Their adventurous and enterprising spirit has led them to creating several lines of businesses and economic initiatives that have benefited the whole country, over the years. The phenomenon that is today called Nollywood is one of such initiatives amongst others.

Isi Mbido – The Beginning, is the niche channel designed to fully explore the depths of culture and traditions of Ndi Igbo, there history, lineage, religious inclinations, business prowess, and so many other factors that make them unique in their own way. Some interesting Igbo movies, soaps and series are from time to time added to the mix, in order to give the viewer a well rounded viewing experience.

This is the true and authentic source of Igbo culture, tradition and lifestyle. It tells the true, unadulterated Igbo story, but from a modern perspective. It also serves as an effective bridge between the old and the new brigade, so that the language, culture and tradition of an entire tribe will not be drowned by modern and contemporary cultures and traditions and the proud heritage of Ndi Igbo will not diminish or be lost in translation.